These are difficult times. It’s normal to feel scared because there are so many challenges being thrown at us on a daily basis: schools closing, job layoffs or having to work from home, and worrying about the health and safety of loved ones. Parenting is hard enough during normal times, but what we’re experiencing now is FAR from that.


What our children need most from us at this time, like all other times, is US. They need us to talk to them about what is happening and about what they are feeling.  They need us to be their source of stability and predictability, and to provide them with love and security while we are all trying to stay “safe at home” as a family. 

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Helpful Tips for Families During the Coronavirus Shutdown

What’s most important for families stuck at home during the shutdown? This webinar discusses some key guidelines for families who are struggling to navigate daily life under the new restrictions requiring family members to stay at home, share space, and home school their children.

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