Fun Family Activities to do During the Pandemic

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Looking for fun things to do with your children while at home? Here are some ideas!

Fun Family Things To Do!

  • Bake something

  • Spend a day rereading every picture book in the house

  • Make some s’mores, popcorn

  • Drive up to the mountains—go for a short hike!

  • Watch a movie all will enjoy

  • Have a “family game night”—play cards, board games

  • Cook something together

  • Play a video game with your child

  • Go sit in your child’s bedroom and hang out

  • Go somewhere outdoors and take pictures

  • Read a book together

  • Go visit a plant nursery together (it’s easy to social distance there!)

  • Go on a picnic in the backyard

  • Put on some rock ‘n roll and dance!

  • Plant some flowers together

  • Do a science experiment together

  • Build an indoor fort

  • Pitch a tent in your house and “camp out” one night

  • Have a scavenger or treasure hunt in and around your house

  • Use all the building toys to make a giant sculpture

  • Make stop motion animation with play dough

  • Facetime relatives or friends

  • Have children write a short story and draw pictures that go with it

  • Play lots of different games in the backyard

  • Have kids help with yard work

  • Legos

  • Make a scrapbook

  • Get some binoculars and check out the birds in your area

  • Make a sock puppet or a stuffed animal

  • Work on a family puzzle

  • Do arts/crafts: painting, drawing, coloring, sewing, finger painting

  • Have a major board game tournament

  • Do yoga with children (check out Youtube videos)

  • Do dance-a-long videos on Youtube

  • Build a house/dollhouse out of cardboard boxes

  • Have kids help you in washing and cleaning out your car

  • Play with sidewalk chalk outside

  • Paint a fence or wall with a paintbrush and a can of water

  • Learn new card games

  • Get some activity books and use them

  • Try out a new hiking path

  • Study the solar system, and make a mobile out of painted Styrofoam balls

  • Help your child learn to make his/her favorite dish/meal

  • Watch the whales at the Georgia Aquarium

  • Play bingo

  • E-visit the Louvre

  • Watch the Cincinnati Zoo livestream

  • Make some home movies

  • Train the dog

  • Take a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park

  • Play checkers

  • Teach your kids chess

  • Play charades

  • Make a pizza

  • Practice mindfulness with your children

  • Play indoor hopscotch (with painter’s tape)

  • Make an obstacle course- inside or outside

  • Play dress-up

  • Make up your own board game

  • Interview each other

  • Learn about insects- then go outside and look for them

  • Make a felt board

  • Discover BrainPop (online educational resource)

  • Practice another language

  • Play tic-tac-toe

  • Solve mazes


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