Parenting in a Pandemic - Create a Routine

Parenting Service Alert (PSA): Sleep deprivation is one of the most serious problems for our children today. We can solve so many behavioral issues by making sure our little ones (and ourselves) get enough sleep.

It is more difficult to relax so that we can sleep during stressful times. This pandemic is stressful for all of us. Therefore, we really need to set up bedtime routines and rituals that lead to good sleep.

Research suggests that it is good to shut down screen time 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. ------- La privación del sueno es uno de los problemas mas serios para nuestros niños hoy en día. Podemos solucionar muchos de los problemas de comportamiento asegurándonos que nuestros pequeños (y nosotros) duerman suficiente.

Es mas difícil relajarse para que podamos dormir durante tiempos estresantes. Esta pandemia es estresante para todos. Por lo tanto, tenemos que preparar rutinas y rituales que dirijan a un buen sueno.

Investigaciones sugieren que es bueno apagar electrónicos con pantallas 30 minutos a una hora antes de la hora de dormir.

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Tip: Create a routine (and bedtime can be a great bonding time!)

While this crisis is changing dramatically from day to day, establishing a “new normal” through routines can help build stability and a sense of security for children. Try to not make this the time to start a strict, minute-by-minute schedule for your days! Instead, think about the best order in which things can get done. Your routine may be the same each day, or it may change slightly throughout the week as work/school responsibilities may vary. Try to be as consistent as possible.

Consider creating routines for mealtimes, running necessary errands, daily exercise, schoolwork, and of course fun family time- for example, find things that everyone likes to do together and have special family nights during the week such as “Movie Saturdays” or “Gaming Wednesday”.

Bedtime routines are also really important during stressful times. Getting enough sleep often depends on going to bed and waking up at around the same time each day so bedtime can be a great place to start building consistency. Start a basic routine for bedtime with your children about 30 minutes to 1 hour before you want them to be in bed. Favorite bedtime routines typically involve some combination of relaxing and bonding activities (e.g., massage, rocking, singing songs, reading books, talking) with hygiene and physical needs (e.g., bath, brushing teeth, light snack, breast/bottle feeding for babies, a drink of water). Talk to your child about what helps them to relax.

Try to create a “balance” to your days with your children: encourage physical activity, creative time, opportunities for learning, and downtime for all. Including kids’ interests in whatever activities or schoolwork you may be doing with them can be very helpful in keeping them engaged.

Routines not only give children a sense of safety, predictability, and security, but they also give us a plan to follow and a structure for our days during these challenging times!

We will get through this, and we’re here to help!

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