Parenting in a Pandemic - Lower Your Expectations

Your Parenting Service Alert: Lower your expectations

Everyone is learning so much through this pandemic that you don’t need to worry about completing a full day of schoolwork. Kids are resilient and will come out of this smarter having lived through it.

Let this be a time when they can talk to you, help with daily living tasks, and have fun being with family.


El PSA de ahora es bajar sus expectativas

Todos están aprendiendo mucho durante esta pandemia que no se necesita preocupar sobre terminar un día completo de trabajo de escuela. Niños son resistentes y van a salir mas inteligente ya que vivieron durante esto.

Tome este tiempo para dejarlos hablar con usted, ayudarlos con tareas de casa, y diviértase en familia.

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Tip: Lower your expectations (this is CRISIS management, not a Pinterest-perfect household!)

During these challenging times, try to focus on just a few important things each day and let the rest slide!

Unrealistic expectations are a HUGE cause of meltdowns for everyone. It’s important to remember that basic needs like eating and sleeping come first, and that it’s okay to give your child/YOURSELF a break when it comes to everyday levels of productivity. Young children DO NOT need hours and hours of formal schoolwork to do at home each day. They gain SO MUCH from simply talking with us, listening to us read books to them, and being included in everyday experiences like helping in the kitchen or caring for pets. Prioritize a few things each day to get done and be flexible with how tasks get accomplished.

We will get through this, and we’re here to help!

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