Parenting in a Pandemic - Pick Your Battles

We are in new territory. We don’t have to do everything we used to do. We may all need more screen time just to unwind or connect with friends and family. This isn’t going to last forever so it’s okay to be in survival mode.

We need to breathe, we need to eat, we need to drink plenty of water, we need to sleep, and we need to let our children know it will be okay.

Relax a little on the screen time rules and the noise level. Relax on the notion that you don’t have to be a perfect parent.


Para lanzar nuestra nueva campaña de social media, nosotros estamos creando PSA’s, que es una Alerta de Servicio para los Padres.

El PSA de ahora es Escoger Tus Batallas.

Estamos en nuevo territorio. No tenemos que hacer todo lo que acostumbramos a hacer. Puede ser que ocupamos mas tiempo usando electrónicos para relajarse o para conectar con familia y amigos. Esto no va a durar para siempre entonces esta bien entrar en modo de supervivencia.

Necesitamos respirar, necesitamos comer, necesitamos tomar suficiente agua, necesitamos dormir, y necesitamos explicarles a nuestros niños que todo va a estar bien.

Afloje un poco las reglas de electrónicos y nivel de ruido. Afloje la idea que no tiene que ser un padre perfecto.

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Tip: Pick your battles (prioritize what’s really important, and it’s okay to relax your usual limits -a little bit- on screen time!)

Take some deep breaths and remember it is OKAY if it seems all you can get done in a day is get your family fed. Due to all of the unknowns we are currently experiencing, it can be helpful to figure out what is and is not within our control. Let go of those things outside of our control rather than try to battle them. Flexibility is important when handling tough circumstances like this. And it’s okay to relax a little bit on your previous limits on screen time. (Even popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite require problem solving and communication!). Try to encourage social usage of technology like Zoom or video chatting to keep connected to loved ones and peers who are currently out of physical reach.

We will get through this, and we’re here to help!

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